FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What information do we need to create your quote?
To create a non-binding quotation we need a document with the relevant logo and corresponding measurements. We accept these documents in the following formats: TIF, EPS, JPEG or PICT files. You can also send these by fax. To determine the colour of your logo we also need the corresponding colour specification. You can inform us of this in RAL, HKS or pantone.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
We can embroider large or small order quantities. Our tiered pricing means that the individual unit price for larger order quantities is cheaper than individual items. There is no minimum order quantity. 

Why do I need an embroidery program?
An embroidery program is where your logo is produced in a format by the embroidery machine. Your logo will be digitally processed by us and converted to a machine format. After payment the embroidery program is yours. As a rule, the embroidery program remains at our premises and is managed by us on your behalf. Upon request, the embroidery program can of course be sent to you.

How quickly will I receive a quote or the finished product?
You will normally receive our non-binding, informal quote within 24 hours after request. Each order of up to 500 units will be processed and despatched within approx. 5-7 working days. Orders can be processed sooner; simply let us know your requirements and we will let you know whether we can achieve this or not. For order quantities over 500 units, we will arrange a delivery time that suits you personally. 

What am I paying for exactly?
We have 3 cost factors that may be of interest to you:

1.) Costs for designing the program in order to create your motif. These are one-off costs, meaning that for subsequent orders you will not have to pay this cost.

2.) Set-up costs of the machine. These costs are applicable for each order. You are charged for the configuration of the machine.

3.) We still have the price which is provided in our quote. The price is determined by the size, complexity of the design and colour quantity of the logo. Use the corresponding chart to find the price relevant to you.

Can I get a sample?
Yes, but only once the order has been placed as we will need to create an embroidery program for the sample. Using the sample, the production design follows as per your requirements.  

Is my logo workable?
In general, the corresponding logo is transferred 1 to 1, however there may be slight changes due to technical reasons, for example, if the font size lies below 5mm or the graphic design of the logo cannot be directly transferred. In each instance, we will discuss this with you so that you are always kept informed of the options for your logo/motif. The maximum number of colours that can be used for a logo is 12, which is normally perfectly adequate.

Can you also print these?
Yes, we offer high-quality flock printing, flex printing, digiflex printing, laser transfer, sublimation, direct printing and textile screen printing.

We will be happy to advise you.


Do you also supply the textiles?
We can offer you a variety of fabrics in a range of quality and prices. Request our product catalogue or have a browse through the catalogue online.

Can I order a fabric sample?
We would be happy to order fabric samples for you. These will need to be paid for in case the order is not placed. If the order is placed, the samples will be incorporated into the production and the costs offset.