We can produce web emblems of the highest quality. There are no limits to our creativity. Web labels, patches, visitor cards, birthday invitations or wedding menus can all be made here. In contrast to embroidery, the web process allows us to produce delicate objects and small print. You decide whether your web emblem is hot cut or finished with a merrow border, patch foil or Velcro. Be inspired by these ideas and have a look at our free samples. We will be happy to send you some. 


The unit price for emblems can be worked out from the table below. Add the height and width of the emblem you require. If these fall between two of the measurements in the table, this will be rounded up to the next highest measurement. For web emblems please note that for technical reasons neither the height or width measurement can exceed 19.5cm. 


Your desired emblem has a height of 5cm and width of 8cm. The total figure measures 13cm. For an order quantity of 100 units the individual unit price stands at €3.00.

Price: The price chart applies for woven emblems with or without a merrow border. Price increase of €0.40 per emblem for sewing on hard Velcro and delivery of soft Velcro.
Template format: JPG, PDF, PSD, Ai or EPS files. In the event of insufficient data quality, a data-reprocessing fee of €35.00 will apply (vector files can be obtained upon request).
Postage: €7.50 within Germany. Overseas prices upon request

The measurement is height + width

  • Prices for woven and embroidered emblems are the same
  • Net price including programming
  • The embroidery program can be requested at a cost of €20.00
  • Prices apply to embroidered emblems that are not more than 75% embroidered
  • The above price applies to embroidered emblems that are more than 75% embroidered + 20% of the price including merrow, embroidered or hot-cut border
  • Redesigning of a poor-quality original costs  €35.00
  • Delivery takes approx. 12–14 days once the order is fully clarified
  • 19% VAT and €7.50 postage will be added to all prices.





Request your personal web emblem.